There’s nothing that we love more than a good love story, and Zendaya and Tom Holland have exactly that.

Although they were spotted kissing by paparazzi during July 2021, they weren’t ready to become public just yet and they let fans gossip for just a while longer. For years the pair were nothing more than a rumour, before they decided to make their relationship ‘Insta Official’ in September 2021.

Reality Titbit have gathered a relationship timeline, our favourite moments from Tom and Zendaya, and why the pair have decided to keep their relationship as private as possible.

Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+

Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+

Tomdaya: Relationship Timeline

Their connection began in 2016 after they both appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Tom played Spider-Man and Zendaya as MJ. However, at this point fans believed they were nothing more than friends – until the relationship rumours began in 2017.

Attempting to put a stop to the rumours, Tom told fans that they were “the best of friends”, and Zendaya added that Holland is “literally one of my best friends”. The pair had their first kiss (that we saw ourselves) filming for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is when Tomdaya stans began to reconsider their relationship.

This was then confirmed in 2019 when they were caught kissing in a car, and the photos blew up the internet. Their relationship announcement post was also one which sent fans wild, when Tom shared an adorable mirror selfie with Zendaya, referring to her as “My MJ”

Our favourite Tomdaya moments

Picking just one of the things we love most about the iconic couple would be too hard, so let’s look at a few of our favourite moments from the pair.

Although they try to keep the PDA to a minimum, Tom is not shy of boasting about Zendaya on his social media – and we certainly don’t blame him. Their cute Instagram posts take the top spot of why they are Reality Titbit’s favourite celebrity couple right now.

Not only do Tom and Zendaya have matching personalities, but they also are great at co-ordinating their outfits. Earlier this year they were spotted twinning with their matching jerseys at the Rangers vs Red Wings match in NYC, giving us all the feels.

Tom and Zendaya keep a private life

As you’ll know if you keep up with the pair, they both like to keep most of their personal lives private. Despite the odd Instagram post together and public appearances, neither of them share the juicy details of the inside of their relationship.

In an interview with GQ, Tom discussed this, as he explained:

“It’s just, I’m a very private person. If you do a Google search, I’m not a tabloid person. I don’t like living in the spotlight. I’m quite good at only being in the spotlight when I need to be.”

After he was the topic of conversation in tabloids in 2019, Tom explained that he wouldn’t let his privacy be invaded again. He told GQ:

“It just was a bit of a shock to the system. It’s the first time I’ve ever kind of been in the tabloids. It’s the first time something like this has ever really happened to me. So it’s a bit of a shock to the system. Um, but you know, but it’s something that you look at and you go, ‘Oh, well, I just don’t put myself in that situation again.’ ”


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