Mums Make Porn launched on Wednesday, March 21st, shocking viewers as they edged towards the end of their sofas.

Channel 4 have never shied away from bold and often controversial documentary topics, with Mums Make Porn exploring the online sex industry.

Over three episodes, a group of UK mothers will set about writing and directing their own pornographic film as they attempt to put an end to the false portrayal we get of sex from online films.

But what will the final Mums Make P*rn film consist of? What can they actually air on Channel 4?


Left to Right: Emma, Anita, Sarah-Louise and Sarah

What is Mums Make Porn?

Mums Make Porn is a show that aims to change the way we think about X-rated content online.

Many teenagers’ first knowledge of sex is formed or influenced by what they access on the internet. And this type of material is often very problematic in his depicture of everyone’s favourite intimate time.

Rather than nurturing sexist attitudes in the youth, Mums Make Porn will see a group of ordinary mums create their own teenage-friendly film about the topic.

The parents will write, cast, direct and edit their mum-approved 12-minute pornographic film, which will then air on Channel 4.

Emma Morgan, Executive Producer said of the three-part series:

We were shocked by the stats about the impact of free mainstream porn online on the younger generation. It was clear that a lot of young people were accessing porn and were being influenced by it.



We felt it has real purpose to do something meaningful to provoke debate and encourage responsible conversations between parents and their children and draw attention to the issue

Mums Make Porn film – Will it air on Channel 4?


The third and final episode of the series will show the gang of mothers shooting their video before showing it off to the public in a private screening at a warehouse in south-east London.

Mentor throughout the series and feminist p*rn filmmaker, Erika Lust, is also on-hand to decide whether the video is good enough to surface online.

Although you will see blurred clips from the screening, the actual Mums Make Porn video will not be shown on Channel 4.

Can you watch the Mums Make Porn video online?

At the moment, no.

Until Mums Make Porn episode 3 airs (April 3rd), it won’t be known whether the video makes it online.

After which, check back with Reality Titbit for updates.



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