Netflix original movie Bird Box has taken the global streaming platform by storm.

Over 45 million different accounts signed in to watch the thrilling mystery horror, marking a colossal week for Netflix following the successful release of interactive Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch.

But will there be a Bird Box 2? And if so, will it be on Netflix?

Will There be a Bird Box 2?


At this stage, Netflix have not confirmed the possibility of a Bird Box 2.

However, with Sandra Bullock as Malorie, there’s certainly room for a follow-up movie.

The Bird Box film is an adaption of Josh Malerman’s (below) 2014 novel, also called Bird Box.

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Josh never directly followed up the novel with another book, although he did write Black Mad Wheel in 2017, which boasted the same sensory horror theme without Malorie or the kids.

If there isn’t a newly written Bird Box 2 then perhaps Black Mad Wheel will get the nod.

“A group of musicians conscripted by the US government to track down the source of a strange and debilitating sound” – fancy the sound of that?

Will Bird Box 2 be on Netflix?

If the movie turns into a sequel then it will return to Netflix.

Originally, Universal Studios acquired the rights to the film in 2013, but never followed up with a video production.

Now Netflix owns the rights, meaning they’ll be in pole position for a Black Bird 2.

Bird Box Review

It may be the most talked-about movie as we head into the new year, but Bird Box has received mixed reviews.

Currently, it scores 66% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6/10 on IMDB.

Empire scored the film 3/5 while Rolling Stones were much more damning in their review.

Perhaps the film’s huge success on social media, where Bird Box memes are dominating Twitter, is the reason behind the film’s huge online success.

Good, great or bad, it’s definitely worth a watch – after all, how else are you going to understand the memes?


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