The X Factor is back in 2019 with two brand new spin-off shows.

Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell are on a mission to find the next big girl or boy band.

The X Factor: The Band is a four-part series that kicked off from Monday, December 9th on ITV.

Following in the footsteps of One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, the group to come out of The X Factor: The Band is likely to have global success.

So, who are the boys who made it into the X Factor band? Let’s meet them on Instagram.

x factor boy band 2019
From Syco / Thames
The X Factor boy band 2019: The Band: Ep3 on ITV
Pictured: Jed Thomas.

X Factor boy band 2019: Jed Thomas

It looks like Jed’s Instagram is pretty new as he only has four posts with the oldest one dating back to 2018.

The music college student, who hails from Birmingham, can be found on Insta @officialjedt. Already he has over 2,200 followers.

Jed sang Childish Gambino’s Redbone and blew the judges away during his audition. He can be seen on Insta singing Beyonce’s Runnin’ and more.

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Caius Duncombe

Caius is on Instagram as @officialcaius with around 3,000 followers.

The singer incorporated rap into his performance during episode 3 of the show giving him more of an edge.

Simon Cowell made a point of saying that Caius’ rap was better than his singing voice, but it could’ve been because of his rap talent that he made it into the band.

Harrison Cole

Harrison was described in episode 3 of The X Factor: The Band as “sleepy.”

Follow Harrison on Insta @officialharrisoncole where he has over 2,000 followers.

By the looks of his Insta profile, Harrison is also a talented drummer. Harrison is on SoundCloud as Indiana Cole where you can listen to some of his music.

Reece Wiltshire-Fessey

Singer-songwriter Reece gave a showstopping performance in episode 3 of The X Factor: The Band.

The band member sang a Billie Eilish song and although the judges said it wasn’t perfect, his passion secured him a place in the final group.

Follow Reece on Instagram, where he has over 8,000 followers, @reecewiltshire.

Boaz Dopemu

Surrey lad Boaz wowed the panel in his first audition as he sang a Stevie Wonder hit.

The 19-year-old came back for audition number two with an R’n’B hit – Lloyd’s Dedication to my Ex.

With around 2,000 followers already, Boaz is on Insta @boazdopemu.

Fred Roberts

Fred impressed the judges in episode 1 of The Band series. Singing a Shawn Mendes song, he struck them as a boyband member right from the off.

Fred is on Instagram as @_fredroberts. He has over 7,500 followers but only nine posts.

Unfortunately, Adam Moloney, Robbie Monaghan, Ethan Hodges and Jordan Curtis didn’t make the cut.

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