American Idol isn't Yoli Mayor's first talent show, she was on AGT in 2017

American Idol isn't Yoli Mayor's first talent show, she was on AGT in 2017

American Idol is back in 2022 and the show is celebrating 20 seasons! Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan have the testing task of deciding who gets to go to Hollywood and who doesn’t in the show’s initial audition stages. The American Idol audition episodes continue on March 27th and Yoli Mayor demonstrates her singing talent in episode 6.

Yoli Mayor is no stranger to talent contests as she took part in America’s Got Talent season 12 back in 2017. She has totally transformed her look in 2022 and she’s making an incredible comeback. So, let’s find out more about Yoli’s audition, what she sang and who the American Idol contestant is…

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

Get to know Yoli Mayor

Yoli Mayor is a 26-year-old musician who hails from Miami, Florida.

She’s representing both Miami and Cuba on American Idol and has been singing since she was two years old.

Speaking of growing up Cuban, Yoli said: “There’s a lot of warmth growing up Cuban, there’s a lot of acceptance because we’re every colour. The one common trait that every Cuban has is no matter where you put them, they’ll make something out of nothing.”

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Yoli sang an original song for her audition

Many American Idol 2022 auditions have seen singers perform all kinds of songs from best-selling and globally-recognised artists such as Whitney Houston and Adele.

However, Yoli Mayor decided to sing her own original song, Beautiful Broken Things, during her audition.

Luke Bryan gave some very positive feedback after Yoli’s performance, saying: “I love your command, when you start singing, people pay attention and perk up.

Katy Perry had mixed feelings on Yoli’s voice, though, and said: “I think you have a really cool texture to your voice but I was trying to hear you play with the dynamics.

Is Yoli on Instagram?

Yes, Yoli can be found on Instagram with over 26K followers @yolimayor.

Yoli often takes to the ‘gram to share singing videos, selfies, promo for events she’s performing at and snaps with her partner @seatbeltart.

As well as being a super-talented musician, Yoli has an Instagram page dedicated to handmade jewellery, so we can assume this is her side-hustle – @mrs.silverlining_.

Judging by the American Idol star’s IG page, she also loves a spot of gardening, travelling and crystals.

Yoli also has a YouTube channel which has garnered over 2M views since she launched it back in 2011.

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