You Vs Chris and Kem: What time? What channel?

We’ve already confessed what we’re most excited about in this reunion of the Love Island 2017 bromance, but we know you still have some burning questions.

Like, You Vs Chris and Kem; What channel? What time?

Whether you caught the boys’ last spin-off, Straight Outta Love Island, or not, this new series is going to be yet another slice of Chris and Kem heaven.

What Channel is You Vs Chris and Kem on?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on all the Chris and Kem details.

As we mentioned before, the show airs on ITV2. Makes sense, since it’s the home of Love Island.

As for filming locations, our boys will be dashing all over the UK in their “bro mobile”.

Looks like a tricked out Land Rover from here, but sure, give it a cute name!

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

What Time is You Vs Chris and Kem?

Monday nights, starting Monday 16th July.

It even airs at 10 pm, so you won’t need to get up after Love Island.

It’s going to run for a good few weeks, so it might even ease you through the heartache of Love Island finishing up and dispatching everyone home from the villas.

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What the…?

It’s You Vs Chris and Kem, remember. That means challenges.

All kinds of bizarre challenges against members of the public. You can challenge them directly over social media.

They choose whether to accept or not based on your tweeted or commented challenge, without any further explanation.

If they accept your challenge? They come right to you and get the rest of the details.

It’s all happening in real time… what could possibly go wrong, right?



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