Big Brother is now heading into the business end of the series.

Cameron Cole and Cian Carrigan are among the front-runners to win the series although Zoe Jones has been earmarked as another close contender.

So why is Zoe Jones in pole position? Who is she?

Fish Out of Water

Zoe’s initial popularity stems from her first couple of days inside the Big Brother house.

Following the launch party, Zoe opened up in the Diary Room about how she was missing her boy.

She also explained how she felt like a bit of a fish out of water because she was different from the other girls in the house.

Sobbing, Zoe said.

I don’t feel like I’m bonding with the other girls. They’re all doing like girly stuff and I’m not like that.”

Big Brother 2018 - Zoe Jones.

Big Brother 2018 – Zoe Jones.

Before Big Brother launched there were four housemates whose names had been leaked from a BB fan website.

Zoe was one of the names, and a Facebook page called Support Zoe Turnip Jones was set up a week before BB2018 launched, where it now has over 2,000 fans.

Who is Zoe Jones?

Zoe is a 31-year-old from Halifax and a single mum to an 11-year-old son.

Speaking to Big Brother before she entered the house she jested with the production team by describing herself in three words as  “an absolute legend”.


She’s also described her family as the Yorkshire equivalent to the Kardashians, but “without the glam or mansions”.

With a brown belt in karate and a party trick of “holding things on her forehead”, it’s easy to see why Zoe is tipped for glory.

Why is She on Big Brother?

Zoe explained that she has always wanted to do Big Brother but had been busy over the past 11 years raising her son.

Zoe said:

Why not? I have always wanted to do it. When I was old enough to finally enter I found out I was pregnant, so they would not appreciate me going in pregnant.That was 11-years-ago, and my son is old enough to be looked after by my sister, so why not?

Early Friendships

Zoe seems to have buddied up with 18-year-old vlogger Cameron Cole.

The pair watched from inside the house while the rest of the housemates had a workout in the garden and practised handstands.

In the most adorable moment of Big Brother 2018 so far, Cameron confessed to Zoe that he didn’t know how to do a press up.

Zoe then taught him how, completing one push up before announcing “we’ve done our workout”.




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