Worst Cooks in America: Domaine Javier makes history on Food Network

If you want to cook, but you’re afraid to because you think that your cooking is horrible, then the show for you is Worst Cooks in America.

This Food Network cooking show showcases the “worst cooks” America has to offer. The amateur cooks must compete against each other and while doing so try their best to gain culinary skills that hopefully will turn them into budding chefs.

The show is currently on its 20th season with Chef and television personality Anne Burrell and Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli as the hosts. With 14 new cooks, this season is claimed as the most diverse yet. One cook has specifically caught America’s eye, and that’s Domaine Javier. Find out everything you need to know about Domaine here!

Who is Domaine Javier?

Domaine Javier is much more than one of America’s worst cooks, she is also an actor, writer, and a nurse. This California native is currently based in Los Angeles where she is living and working.

Domaine has an impressive academic background with a total of 7 college degrees. This includes 5 Associates and a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nursing. It’s no wonder Domaine is a terrible cook considering that she’s been studying all these years!

Domaine is also the first transgender woman to be crowned homecoming queen in the United States in 2010. In 2011, Domaine Javier filed a lawsuit against California Baptist University in Riverside, California. After she reveled that she was transgender on MTV’s ‘True Life’, the university accused her of fraud due to her classifying herself as female on her college application. She was awarded $4,000 in damages and attorney fees.

Domaine Javier makes history on The Food Network

Domaine made history as a cast member of Worst Cooks in America by being the first openly trans woman to appear on the Food Network.


So far, it’s clear that Domaine is the fan-favourite, as her Instagram has been filled with tonnes of fan art. Her appearance on Food Network has gone down a total treat!

This is not the first time Domaine has appeared on television, as she starred in an episode of MTV’s ‘True Life’ during its 14 season.

Domaine on Worst Cooks

So far as a cook on ‘Worst Cooks in America’ Domaine is a worthy competitor.

She may have a hard time knowing specific tastes to different food as well as focusing during a challenge, but Domaine is one of the reasons why this season will be a memorable one.




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